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Searching for Rank Math Content AI Review?

If so, you are on the right page.

Rank Math lately rolled off a major plugin update within which they launched a couple of new features, the most prominent of which is Content AI.

This tool has taken the SEO world by storm and many people have expressed their opinion regarding it.


Rank Math PRO is definitely one of the best SEO plugins in the world, but setting it up correctly can be quite tricky for a beginner SEO, that’s why I recommend you use an expert to help you

If you’re a Rank Math user and are considering using the Content AI there might be a couple of questions in your mind.

In this post, I’ll cover these questions to the best of my abilities and help you determine whether you should invest your money into them.

So let’s get started.

What is Rank Math Content AI?


The Content AI is a tool that helps you better optimize your content for SEO.

This tool comes inbuilt with the Rank math plugin.

According to Rank Math, the content AI is supposed to help you write content that “is not only great for your visitors but also for search engines.”

CMO Bhanu Ahluwalia said “We built Rank Math’s Content AI feature to revolutionize the content production and optimization process with proprietary AI that gives SEOs and content marketers a competitive edge,” 

What does the Content AI actually do?


The Content AI for Rank Math generates content ideas and structures that it believes to be the best suited for ranking competitively.

In layman’s terms, the content AI generates a blueprint of content structure and composition.

The generated blueprint includes information about the number of links, headings, words, etc you should use within your content.

The blueprint generated is always based on a target keyword, which needs to be manually passed into the tool.

Once a keyword is passed the AI scans SERPs to analyze the existing content which ranks for the keyword. And summarily comes up with a blueprint that it believes to rank the best.

How does it go about this?

In order to understand, you need to know how the Google algorithm works.

In short words, the Google algorithm seems to favor certain structural and compositional data within a post.

Once you have these data points passed inside your post, you increase the chance of being ranked on search.

The Content AI helps you find these data points and presents them to you in a clean and systematic manner.

Once a search term is passed within the Content AI, Rank Math checks for the composition structure of all the existing content that ranks for a search term.

After this, it comes up with relevant keyword ideas and methods in the best accordance with the Google algorithm.

Some information that the content AI provides includes:

  • Keywords or phrases to use inside your content
  • The exact number of words you should write
  • The number of headings you should include
  • The number of links you should include
  • The number of media content you should include
  • The keywords you can use in your SEO Meta
  • FAQs you can answer with your content (via FAQ Schema)
  • How does your content score out of a 100 (different from the SEO Score)

Further, useful data like Ad Competition, Volume, and CPC for keywords are also provided, so you don’t need to switch tabs or use any external tool, for that matter.

Rank Math has long studied Google and made its plugin capable of generating the content ideas best suited for ranking.

The effectiveness of the AI is currently unknown, but multiple content creators have cited positive feedback, claiming the tool suggestions helped them outrank their competition on search.

How to enable Rank Math AI

Rank Math works in a modular framework, hence the content AI needs to be manually enabled before you’re able to utilize its features.

In order to enable this feature, simply head over to the Content AI Module by navigating to Rank Math > Dashboard > Modules in your WordPress admin area.


Once you’ve done that, click the Settings button or navigate to Rank Math > General Settings > Content AI for site-wide configurations.

Under the Content AI settings, select Worldwide for the Default country and select both the Posts and Pages option.


How to use the Content AI

Now that you have enabled the Content AI, you can start utilizing its features.

Using the Content AI is extremely easy. You only need to type out your target keyword within the tool, and it would automatically generate the blueprint for you.

Here’s an overview of how you should use the tool:

– Edit Post or Page

Start by opening the post or page that you’d like to optimize with Content AI by simply clicking the Edit option.

– Open Rank Math Metabox

Now click on the Rank Math Metabox by clicking the Rank Math SEO icon in the top-right corner. Alternatively, you can click the three vertical dots and choose Rank Math from the Plugins section.

– Choose Content AI

In the Rank Math Metabox that appears on the screen, you can access the Content AI from the Focus Keywords section, as shown below.

– Pass in the Focus Keyword

As I pointed out earlier, the content AI requires you to pass a focus keyword into it.

So that’s what you should do next.

Head over to and type out a target keyword of your choice. Then hit Research.

The Content AI will now start scanning the SERPs and provide you with the blueprint you need to follow.

– Overview of Content AI Results

Once you hit the research button, you’ll receive an overview of the content based on your focus keyword as shown below:


You can now start optimizing your content according to the results in the display. For further info about the AI, read Rank Math’s extensive guide on how to use Content AI  in an easy way.

Please note that the content AI works on a credit system, so every time you run a keyword analysis it would eat from the number of credits you possess.

credits,If you need more credits you’ll need to upgrade your plan by converting to a higher pay tier.

Users get five free credits after signing up for a user account with Rank Math. However, they must upgrade to one of the three commercial plans, ranging from $59 to $499 per year, for more.

This by itself might seem annoying, but Rank Math AI is much more affordable than some of its counterparts like Jarvis and Surfer SEO.

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Should you use the Content AI?

Here’s an important thing you must know about AI-generated content. The use of AI-generated content is often discouraged by Google, the reason being that most AI-generated content lacks sense and value.

In their own words, “content that is intended to manipulate search rankings and not help users will not receive any traction on search.”

Though Google has made it clear that content would not do well, fear not. Rank Math might be an exception in this situation.

And there’s a major reason for this.

Rank Math does not generate entire pieces of content (unlike most AI tools in the market).

It instead comes up with blueprints and guidelines you must follow while writing the content yourself.

All things considered, Rank Math’s content AI seems to be a pretty neat option for anyone looking for an AI content tool.

Conclusion of Rank Math Content AI Review

Rank Math Content AI is an amazing tool that helps you increase your search rankings.

But remember, creating content that works well for the algorithm isn’t good enough. If you want to be successful in the long run, you need to create content that actually helps your visitors.

So this is my review of the Rank Math Content AI tool, if you liked it, please consider sharing the post. If you have any queries regarding Rank Math be sure to ask us in the comment section.

And if you need help setting up Rank Math consider watching tutorials by Rank Math on YouTube.

If you still need help I can help you set up and troubleshoot Rank Math for your site.

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