When you talk about web hosting services, you will have options to choose and install these on your servers. The traditional is a hard disk drive (HDD) like you have in your laptop or computer, which may like a tiny record player. 

To be honest Hard Disk Drive (HDD) are a little bit slower. 

A decade ago, Solid State Drives (SSD) became more popular and the best alternative to HDD. So today you are going to learn what are the advantages of using SSD in hosting?

The best advantage of using solid-state drivers in hosting is that your website will load faster and it is one of the best alternatives to the traditional hard disk drive. 

Everyone will agree that Solid State Drives are far better than Hard Disk Drive, and here are some advantages and disadvantages of using either option in your hosting. 

Advantages Of Using SSD In Hosting

What Are The Advantages Of Using SSD In Hosting

Let’s dive in.

Hard Disks versus Solid States

Hard Disk Drivers (HDDs) are older and traditional ways of storing data on servers. A hard disk drive is similar to a vinyl record. A vinyl record means the data has been physically stored on its surface and which can only be read by a record player or needle. 

In a hard disk drive, there will be an actually spinning wheel which reads the data and sends it to the CPU.

Solid State Drivers (SSDs) came into existence in 2009, and it is a much faster way for a system/computer to retrieve information. 

In this case the system doesn’t have to wait for a physical spinning wheel move and read data, and they are very much similar to a flash drive. It has a pug-and-play kind of technology. SSD’s are known for improving the speeds even under the high stress CPU conditions. 

Some of the shared hosting companies don’t reveal what kind of drivers they are using in their hosting but in recent years, almost every company has upgraded their systems from traditional hard disk drivers to solid state drivers. 

Solid state drives can offer you better speeds and performance than hard disk drives. 

Advantages of Solid State Disks

So let’s discuss some of the technical advantages of Solid state disks and how you can leverage them in your hosting instead of hard disk drivers. 

An SSD VPS server is a physical server which uses solid state drive and then it splits into a number of virtual private servers. If you are using a VPS server with SSD instead of HDD, the overall speed and performance will be much better.

The best benefits of SSD VPS is that it helps the physical server in splitting into a number virtual server without losing power on any of the servers individually which increases the power and reliability. 

Less Moving Parts

This may seem counterintuitive, but when it comes to building a machine, the less number of moving parts are the better. Moving parts in a machine/system can be a failure at some point of time when they don’t move or work properly. 

A hard disk drive runs electromechanically, meaning it is a combination of some electronic signals with mechanical movements. When a part moves it gives signal to another, this is how hard disk drivers work. 

On the other hand, a solid state drive operates or runs electronically. So less moving parts on a machine mean less chances of failure. This is the reason SSDs have speed and reliability as compared to the HDDs’ because of these less moving parts. 

SSDs are more stable than HDDs because they have less moving parts, and they uses less power and are even cooler.

And simple mechanical setup of the SSD makes it a great and reliable choice for a server than HDD.

95% and 20X More Data During Stressful Outputs

These two stats that you will see everywhere when it comes to the advantages of solid state drives vs hard disk drives. 

For example when there is a stressful time for the machines where it has to run a lot of calculations at the same time, the SSD has a data output of 95% higher and 20X faster than the HDD.

Keep in mind that the overall data output of a physical server will always be parallel to the virtual private servers or the cloud hosting environments. 

For example, while SSDs are much faster, a server running an HDD that has 20 times less virtual private servers on its back will run just as fast in stressful environments.

Power Consumption

Whether you just care about the environment or paying for power consumption, solid state drives are the winner.

SSDs have significantly less moving parts than an HDD, that’s why they are the best. Hard disk drives have to move a mechanical wheel to read signals, while a solid state drive has no moving parts to consume the power. 

A hard disk drive consumes upto 15X more power while idle and around 2 to 7 times more power while in motion. 

Should You Look for Hosting with SSDs?

Reliability, speed, security and reasonable price always matters while purchasing the hosting packages. While SSDs will always contribute in terms of servers, reliability and speed, there are other factors to consider than simply choosing whether or not hosting providers use SSDs.

SSDs are still more expensive compared to traditional hard disk drives but the HDD can get the job done in a fine way in the majority of times. 

You should not pay a lot of dollars every single month simply because your hosting provider has SSDs. Solid State disks are definitely better, but it is not the only factor which you have to consider while purchasing a hosting plan. 

Wrapping Up

A solid state drive is ovisily a great piece of technology to run a server off. This consumes less power, and much faster under the stressful circumstances and can hold more data.

It has lower moving parts, and the chances of mechanical failures are simply less than a hard disk drive. 

And the main reason behind the success of a solid state drive is because it has less moving parts, it also runs more faster and more stable. 

But solid state drivers are not the only thing to be considered while picking up a hosting plan or a server for your website to be hosted. 

You have to conser the virtual private server environment, dedicated server situation and also the cloud environment.  

There are cases where a hard disk drive will make more sense than solid state drive as a solution for your website. 

And definitely if it saves you chunks of dollars  and you get a better hosting service. If all things are equal then you definitely should go with a solid state drive. 

I hope now you have understood the Advantages Of Using SSD In Hosting.

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