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Are you wondering if WP Engine is the perfect fit for your needs?

We’ve set up an exclusive WP Engine Coupon code for readers.

If you’ve been around for any amount of time, you know we’re big fans of WP Engine.

We tried it for six months, just to see if it lived up to the hype.

We were not disappointed. To get our full perspective, make sure to check out our detailed WP Engine review.

What Makes WP Engine Different?

You can go to any number of shared web hosts for under 10 dollars a month.

But WP Engine offers something those shared hosts don’t: a platform that’s optimized for WordPress, business class support from WordPress experts, and something called “staging.”

WP Engine Coupon Code

Managed Hosting for WordPress

Here are just a few of the perks of  WP Engine’s “managed hosting.”

  • Onboarding support: Don’t go it alone. Get one-on-one assistance with setting up your hosting.
  • Experts who are on your team: WP Engine is known for its full-time staff of WordPress experts.
  • Speed and performance: The WP Engine hosting technology was created to deliver a superior WordPress experience for your site visitors.
  • Staging: Ever wanted to make a change to your site, but didn’t want to risk ruining the user experience while in progress?
  • The Blog Staging Area allows you to make changes to your blog’s themes, plugins, and other settings to see what they look like before you ever make it live to your website visitors.
  • Headache-free launches: WP Engine will review your WordPress site or blog before it launches to make sure there are no hidden problems that could cause your site to crash.
  • Business class service: get connected to vetted website developers, marketing agencies, and theme providers.

With plans starting at just $35 a month, you’ve got the hosting and support you need so you can focus on creating great content and growing revenue.

Optimized for Speed.

Speed has become a serious problem with websites. A slow-loading site causes you to lose SEO rankings, traffic, and sales.

For example, Google reports that “53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load” and most sites take much longer than that to load.

When optimized properly, your site can load in under one second, leading to happy visitors who are more likely to convert into sales and hopefully, repeat customers.

You’ll benefit from WP Engine’s speed technologies no matter which plan you choose.

WP Engine’s Speed vs. Its Competitors

We compared WP Engine with two other managed WordPress hosts in a case study.

While the others came close, WP Engine still ruled the pack, providing the fastest website loading times.

Security Like Fort Knox

There are millions of attacks every day on WordPress sites.

WP Engine is built with security in mind. Here are just some of the features WP Engine has implemented:

  • Automatic removal of plugins that threaten your site
  • Continual monitoring to check for vulnerabilities
  • Protection against rogue themes that can harm your site.
  • Stay updated with the latest releases of WordPress’s core software and security patches to ensure the safety and functionality of your website.
  • Daily backups of your website

Customer Service and Technical Support

No matter how good a platform is, you’re likely to have questions, comments, or concerns. You can get in touch with a WP Engine staff member 24/7.

WP Engine also provides excellent quality online resources, including:

  • Torque Magazine – An online magazine of WordPress news, tips, and tutorials
  • Velocities – An site dedicated to digital marketing success
  • A YouTube channel filled with a rich variety of videos
  • FAQ
  • Documentation

The WP Engine Special Discount

Not convinced you can afford to invest in WP Engine? The good folks there have given us a deal to share with our readers.

By signing up and taking advantage of our partnership with WP Engine, you can receive 20% off your first month with WP Engine.

Want more?

If you opt for an annual plan, you can get 20% off WP Engine for the entire year — this is a significant cost saving for you!

The Fine Print

There are some details regarding the coupon code that you should be aware of.

As we mentioned previously, you can get 20% off the first month of hosting if you opt for a short-term contract.

By opting for a month-to-month contract, you can give WP Engine a try without committing yourself to the company for an extended period of time.

This reduces the risk of being locked into a product that might turn out to be a bad fit for you.

Here’s How to Get the Cheapest Option

However, if you know that you’re ready to get started with WP Engine, and you’re ready to stay with the company for a longer term, an annual contract is the cheapest option for you.

On top of the built-in discount offered by WP Engine, you’ll get 20% off your first year of service.

Plus: You get a 60-day money-back guarantee: so why not go for the annual plan?

Plans and Pricing


Let’s take a closer look at what your costs will be depending on the options you choose.

Monthly WP Engine Subscriptions

The following table lists the prices for monthly subscriptions.

Hosting PlanRegular Monthly PriceDiscounted Price

Again, by opting for a monthly contract, you’ll receive the discounted price for your first month of service.

WP Engine will bill you at the regular monthly rate for subsequent months of service.

Annual WP Engine Subscriptions

The following table lists the prices for annual subscriptions.

Please note that the regular monthly rate includes the discount offered by WP Engine to those who opt for an extended contract (the discount is equivalent to two months of free hosting).

You can stack our discount on top of this offer.

Hosting PlanRegular Monthly PriceDiscounted Price

All in all, this adds up to the equivalent of receiving up to four months of free hosting.

How to Get WP Engine Coupon Code

Ready to get started? This section will go over the steps you need to take to get your discount with WP Engine!

Visit WP Engine’s website.

You can click on this link, or you can point your browser directly.

Look over the plans offered by WP Engine. Choose the one that best fits your needs. Click Get Started to begin the checkout process.

On the right-hand-side of the screen, you will see a summary of your order. (If you are on a mobile device, this section will appear near the bottom of the page.)

It will contain information on the plan you have chosen, any extras you have added, and so on.

At the bottom of this panel, click Have a coupon? Please click on the link below to apply your coupon code:

You should see the checkout page update with your discount and new plan price.

Confirm that all the information displayed is correct, review the terms of service and privacy policy, and click Create my site to finalize your order.

Conclusion of WP Engine Coupon Code

WP Engine is a great hosting provider, regardless of whether you are just getting started in the world of blogging or you are serving thousands of visitors every day.

wp engine discount

Still not sure that WP Engine is the right host for you?

Get all the details, both good and bad, from our in-depth review.

However, you don’t need to take our word for it — try it out yourself (and don’t forget about our discount code!

Used during checkout, the discount code will get you up to five months of free hosting!).

P.S. WP Engine customers get the Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes for free. (that’s over $2,000 in value)

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